Course Takeaways – Principles of Management

There are many great takeaways from this course, a few of my favorites that come to mind are the below:

  1. Understanding what the strategies are that effective managers use as a way to adapt when in ambiguous and tempestuous environments.
  2. Understanding how business operations are impacted by distinctions in sociocultural, political and economic environments.
  3. Understanding what components influence moral development and a managers ethical decision making process.
  4. Learning about the different techniques that inform the managerial decision making process such as after action reviews, brain storming and evidence based management.
  5. Learning about the social learning theory and reinforcement perspective and how these techniques are used by managers to motivate their employees.

Where are they now…

I got inspired by watching the smartest guys in the room to read more about the players involved in the Enron scandal. Here’s a neat “where are they now?” article to check out in case you’re interested too!


Enron 15 Years Later: Where Are They Now? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 19]